Beginnings: First Degree Reiki Manual


Beginnings: The ReikiOne First Degree Manual covers the basics of Reiki training and practice, including history, principles, hand positions, and treatment guidelines. Also included is a brief introduction to the chakras and using crystals with Reiki. ebook $10

A Deeper Journey: Second Degree Reiki Manual


A Deeper Journey: The ReikiOne Second Degree Manual includes the three symbols traditionally associated with this degree, explanations and their use, methods of distance healing, sending Reiki through time and space, combining symbols for greater effect, the chakra system, the human aura, and a suggested reading list. ebook $10

Mastership: Third Degree Reiki Manual, Part A


Mastership: The ReikiOne Third Degree Manual part A contains the 4th symbol, its use for Reiki treatments and a discussion of what it means to be a Reiki Master. The Master Teacher Manual (Third Degree Part B) elaborates on the Mastership manual and goes further with explanations of the teaching of Reiki. Please note: Mastership was designed for those teachers (or students) who break their Third Degree training into two parts - that of Master and then Master Teacher. This is a traditional division point in the teaching of Reiki as not everyone who is Reiki Master desires to be Reiki Master Teacher. IF YOU WILL BE TEACHING/LEARNING REIKI ONLY FROM THE PLACE OF MASTER TEACHER, THEN PLEASE REFER TO THE THIRD DEGREE PART B. ebook $15

Master Teacher: Third Degree Reiki Manual, Part B


Master Teacher: The ReikiOne Third Degree Reiki Manual part B contains all the information your students need to become a Reiki Master Teacher - the Part A information on the 4th symbol (plus additional data on this symbol) & 5th symbol, attunement instructions (individual and group), methods and ethics of teaching, getting in touch with your inner teacher, marketing ideas, an extensive reading list, and much more. ebook $15

The Reiki Teacher's Handbook


The Reiki Teacher's Handbook, a composite of all the ReikiOne Reiki Manuals, takes your teaching a step further. This book provides you with all the tools you need to teach Reiki including attunement information for each degree. Throughout The Reiki Teacher's Handbook you'll also find space for notes, journaling, your personal symbols, etc. Written from the perspective of an experienced Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui Shiki Ryoho method, you will find this book easily adapts to other forms of Reiki and can grow with you as you progress on your teaching path. ebook $25

The ReikiOne Crystal Grid Guidebook


Whether you're just beginning your search into Crystal Grids and how to use them with Reiki or have been working with them for some time, you'll find something in The ReikiOne Crystal Grid Guidebook you can use. Outlined with clear, basic instructions on crystal grids and their use, you'll find the following information in this book: Instructions for using Crystal Grids with Reiki An example of a completed grid Sample grids including the Pyramid Grid, Pentacle Grid, 6 sided Grid, 8 sided Grid, and the Zodiac Grid 8 sided Grid with Reiki Kanji and 4 Reiki Symbols, 1 at each corner, to truly bring the energy of Reiki to your grid practice. Commonly used gemstones and their meaning. Resource list for crystals and suggested reading. ebook $8

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